Lunch areas


A big cafeteria of 650 seats where it is possible to eat your lunch with available microwaves. In this area, there is also an express meal (hot and cold) counter.


A user-friendly of 150 seating to let you get full service on a pleasant meal or to take a drink. Lunches are not allowed in this section.

La Verrière

Gourmet host table served in an enchanting environment of 100 seating room.

Roland Salvas room

Private room of 100 seating with a nice view of the tubing section

Cottage Au pied des pentes

Rustic cottage with woodstove located at the bottom of the tubing section. This infrastructure allows groups of 400 people to sit together and have their lunch. This place is for lunches only, no catering service.

Cottage Le Relais

Cottage with woodstove located at the rafting section. This place has 50 seatings with washrooms. An express meal (hot and cold) catering service is available. Lunches are not allowed in this area.

Cottage Des Skieurs

Cottage with woodstove located at the Cross-country and snowshoes paths departure. This place has 200 seatings with washrooms. Lunch only, no catering service. Rental equipment and ski waxing possibility.

Igloo (depending of clientele)

Outdoor rest area with fire located near the mechanical lifts. Possibility of maple taffy on snow and sausages on stick. Hot and cold beverages service.