Site safety

Les Super Glissades St-Jean-de-Matha is constantly evolving and improving. Operating for more than 25 years, Les Super Glissades are frequently inspected and corrected when needed to assure maximum safe and pleasant slides. Furthermore, each track has an automated security gate with a preset timer and a magic eye. When a slide starts, the magic eye catches the move which automatically closes the gate. It is also possible to manually change in an allowed time for each slide in case of emergency.

Our Tracks

A total of 30 tracks adorn the mountain on both sides. The tubing section offers slower and more user-friendly tracks, while the rafting section offers tracks that reach close to 100 km/h, making them the fastest slides in Quebec. Note that the size required to access the rafting section is 1.25 meters.The tubing and rafting tracks reach a high of 90 feet and spread over a distance from 400 feet (track 1) to 1200 feet (track 26).

All tracks are easy to access and classified by height or difficulty level. The number of each track matches its difficulty level: The higher the number means a higher level of difficulty. It is suggested to start gradually if you are not used to tubing, this will let you tame the different tracks.

Track Maintenance

The tracks are maintained daily to ensure optimal conditions of snow sliding in terms of performance and security. Snow walls border the tracks and ensure safety. The tracks never cross another and are clearly identified. The supervisor of the center will regularly evaluate the track conditions during the day.

One or some tracks could be closed during your visit to allow the necessary corrections until required conditions are reached met. Track maintenance is performed by an experienced professional team using equipment at the edge of technology. Snow cannons ensure an adequate snow level at every moment, for the security and the maximum performance of the tube or rafting tracks.

Minimal Height Required

As mentioned above, the tracks are classified using numbers. The higher numbers of the rafting section require a minimum of 1.25 m. to access. A sign in front of each track allows evaluation of the height of each person who is likely to be inadmissible. A maximum of sliders by tracks is pre-established and is subject to change depending on the weather conditions.

Observation Towers

Two observation towers, one per hill, overlook the top of the mountain. It’s from the inside of those towers that attendant slider security. If necessary, they can modify the security gate timing or contact the security supervisor or the first aid worker. The strategic location of the observation towers allow a peripheral vision from top to bottom of the tubing or rafting sections.

Tubes of Super Glissades

Tubes are covered with a uniform material making the downhill more stable. Two handles fixed on each side allow sliders to hold on in place during the slide.

Super Glissades Team

Monitors criss-cross the bottom of the tracks and look after them to be quickly evacuated. They have megaphones to ensure the efficacy of the communication with sliders. They can also contact the security gates attendants (observation towers) to forbid access to a congested track and with the center responsible, first aid worker or admission in case of emergency.

Our field team, as well as the indoor cottage team, has workforces that can give first aid and make decisions on security of the field. A speaker system, controlled by the admission, can be heard everywhere on the site and inside the cottage, allowing transmission of information at every moment. This way, we will be able to contact parents or teachers if a child is lost or injured.