School Groups

School activities have built the utmost reputation of the Super Glissades St-Jean-de-Matha !!! Our 30 years experience combined with a high profile of satisfaction, safety and professional supervision have made the teachers, supervisors ans parents very happy. Please come and experience yourself !!!

Super Glissades services

  • Lots of available facilities including a big cafeteria to eat your lunch (with microwaves),
  • Catering service,
  • Equipment and locker rentals,
  • Free WI-FI.

Season Rates 2018-2019 *

Rates    -    see schedule Primary Secondary
Tubes-Rafting **
(rafting, skating and cross-country)
16,87 $ 17,61 $
Tubes only
(tubing, skating and cross-country)
16,00 $ 17,61 $
(skating and cross-country)
5,22 $ 6,96 $
3,05 $ 3,91 $
Cross-country (complete equipment) 11,52 $ (adult) 8,27 $ (student)
Ski only 5,66 $
Sticks only 2,61 $
Boots only 3,48 $
Snowshoes 4,35 $
Skates Free for students
Locker rentals 2,61 $ (2,00 $ deposit)
Goggles rental 3,48 $

* Taxes not included., minimum of 20 people, reservation required, no downpayment. Any cancellation of 30 days and less before the scheduled date may be subject to a 25% cancellation fee. We offer one free ticket per 20 students to supervising adults willing to help maintain supervision and safety. Sleighride is always included in the rates. (Based on traffic).
** 1.25 m of height is required for raftinf

For reservations please ask for Andrée at 450-886-9321 extension 309

Tubing and Rafting Sections:

The Tubing Section offers you 17 slides with different slope levels and speed. Also, for adults with toddlers, we offer 3 smoother tracks. Always pleasant, horse sleigh ride, ice rink for skating, and access to 66 km cross-country trails as well as access to snowshoeing trails (rental available on site, see rates). Not to mention, free merry-go-round and carrousel for kids under 1,25 m.

The Rafting Section offers 10 high speed tracks and 5 mechanical lifts. This section is only reserved for special accessories, like RAFTS (with backrests for your comfort), as well as CYCLONE : on a daisy shape, 8 people seated facing each other, and the T.G.V. High Speed Train for 8 people. Certain activities end at 16h00. Minimum height for the Rafting section is 1.25m

You want more for your students ?

"Overnight package" – 1 night stay, 2 days of activities and 3 meals (1 dinner, 1 breakfast et 1 lunch)

82,95 $ / student primary grade
84,40 $ / student secondary grade

4 people per room or 9 students and 1 teacher per condo. Service included. Taxes extra.