School Groups

School activities have built the utmost reputation of the Super Glissades St-Jean-de-Matha !!! Our 30 years experience combined with a high profile of satisfaction, safety and professional supervision have made the teachers, supervisors ans parents very happy. Please come and experience yourself !!!

Super Glissades services

  • Lot of facilities available including a big cafeteria to eat your lunch (with microwaves),
  • Catering service,
  • Equipment and locker rentals,
  • Free WI-FI.

Season Rates 2016-2017 *

Rates    -    see schedule Primary Secondary
Tubes-Rafting **
(rafting, skating and cross-country)
16,00 $ 16,74 $
Tubes only
(tubing, skating and cross-country)
15,14 $ 16,74 $
(skating and cross-country)
5,22 $ 6,96 $
3,05 $ 3,91 $
Cross-country (complete equipment) 11,52 $ (adult) 8,27 $ (student)
Ski only 5,66 $
Sticks only 2,61 $
Boots only 3,48 $
Snowshoes 4,35 $
Skates Free for students
Locker rentals 2,61 $ (2,00 $ deposit)
Goggles rental 3,48 $

* Taxes not included., minimum of 20 people, reservation required, no downpayment. Any cancellation of 30 days and less before the scheduled date may be subject to a 25% cancellation fee. We offer one free ticket per 20 students to supervising adults willing to help maintain supervision and safety. Sleighride is always included in the rates. (Based on traffic).
** 1.25 m of height is required for raftinf

For reservations please ask for Andrée at 450-886-9321 extension 309

Tubing and Rafting Sections:

The Tubing Section offers you 17 slides with different levels of slope and speed. Also, for adults with toddlers, we offer 3 nice and smooth tracks. Always pleasant, sleighride, ice rink for skating, and access to 66 km cross-country trails as well as access to snowshoeing trails (rental available on site, see rate). Not to mention, free merry-go-round and carrousel for kids under 1,25 m.

The Rafting Section offers 11 high speed tracks and 5 mechanical lifts. This section is only reserved for special accessories, like RAFTS), as well as CYCLONE : on a daisy shape, 8 people seated face to face, and the T.G.V. High Speed Train for 12 people. Some activities end at 16h00. Minimum height for the Rafting section is 1.25m

You want more for your students ?

"Overnight package" – 1 night stay, 2 days of activities and 3 meals (1 dinner, 1 breakfast et 1 lunch)

78,50 $ / student primary grade
79,95 $ / student secondary grade

4 people per room or 9 students and 1 teacher per condo. Service included but taxes are above